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Zaahied Sallie

After working almost 20 years in a corporate environment, Zaahied felt a great need for a significant shift towards something that spoke more passionately to his authentic self. A great fan of the arts, a book enthusiast, the son of a writer and the husband of a journalist and editor, gravitating towards writing was a natural transition. However, no less challenging a decision for him to have made. The readiness to plunge into and re-designing a new life was nurtured in his heart many years before. Courage, faith and a deep yearning for meaning led him to retire from corporate life on 30 August 2015 and establish Red Kufi Books. He co-wrote his first children’s book with his wife titled We Love to Play Pray.

Listen to an interview with Zaahied Sallie on the Faizel Sayed Show.

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Saaid Rahbeeni

After having completed his studies in Political Science, Saaid felt a strong calling of his first love which was to draw. He has been working as a successful artist and illustrator since changing course and entering the industry 24 years ago. With a passion for illustrating children’s books, comics or generally anything that involves the expressive human figure, Saaid’s work has drawn major clients to call on his talents. Saaid has a varying and adaptive drawing style, and specialises in cartoons, worker illustrated manuals, children’s comics and stories, story-boarding and as a concept illustrator for theme park designs. His main clients include Penguin, Macmillan, Oxford, Cape Town Science Centre and many other corporates. Saaid is currently the Managing Director of Rahbeeni Studios based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Previous collaboration

Zaahied Sallie and Saaid Rahbeeni collaborated on the delightful children’s picture book We Love to Play Pray which was released in early 2016.



  • “Since we received it, we have been reading it over and over again – and the little ones already know the words! So much information presented in such an amazing way.” Razeena Gutta, Author of the acclaimed Ahmed and Fatima Series and founder of Read Little Muslims, Australia, Brisbane
  • “We love to Play Pray is a delightful read. It provides you with a glimpse into a child’s playful imaginary world and thus will appeal to any young reader. It is an excellent book to use by a parent/educator as a basic introduction to Salaah as it provides useful information on the five daily prayers, without being too pedantic. It comes highly recommended … We love to Play Pray is a must in every home and school library.” Saleema Dawood, Early Childhood Development Practitioner and Writer, Cape Town, South Africa