The Beloved Prophet

Connecting Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ life to ours through poetry and illustration


According to Islamic tradition, the personage of Muhammad , his wives, sons, daughters, grandchildren and that of his closest companions (the rightly guided caliphs) will not be depicted.

Since numerous biographies have already been written about the Prophet ﷺ over the centuries, we have embarked upon telling his life story a bit differently.

The Beloved Prophet ﷺ will be a biography in rhyme accompanied by beautiful realistic artwork that combines with the text to tell the tale.

Each illustration, rich in detail and colours, draws you into the narrative bringing the characters and settings to life.

The Beloved Prophet

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Who We Are

The Publisher

Red Kufi Books is a publisher of Islamic literature for all ages based in Cape Town, South Africa. We do not see ourselves as simply a book publisher. But aim to call people back to the first verse revealed to the beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ with the command of Iqra or Read! Hence our social media hashtag: #callto1stverse and our guiding motto: Be Well Read!

Here is a profile aired on national television in South Africa which highlights our mission and work:

Red Kufi Books

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About the Book

How it all started

It was while contemplating about writing on the importance of reading when the first seeds of this project were born. How apt that our call to the first verse should lead us to publish a book about the caller of the first verse.

There once was a man
inspired by words
Those words became a book,
and it changed the world.

Writing these words sparked this project into motion.

Written without revealing the personage creates within the reader or listener the need to know who this man was. So the question is asked, who was this man? It was in asking and answering the question that these few words developed into the first two stanzas and later a biographical poem on the life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Seeing the potential and originality of creating a biography of the Prophet ﷺ in rhyme and illustration for both young and old, we engaged Saaid Rahbeeni, an illustrator with whom we had successfully worked with on our first children’s book titled We Love to Play Pray. We had envisioned a particular style of illustration for the book. He immediately connected with the developing poem and felt that the style was perfect for the project. We got excited when he showed us similar artwork he had done.




Help bring this project to life

Our Crowdfunding campaign via LaunchGood kicked off on 30 January 2017 to raise funds for the production and printing of 1,000 copies. The pledging suite included many other goodies only available during the LaunchGood campaign.

Our original LaunchGood goal of $12,000 was intended to cover a portion of the production and printing costs of the project. We have managed to only raise 50% of that target.

We are therefore reaching out to the global Muslim community to assist in raising the additional 50% as well as the extra costs needed to bring this project to fruition.

In contributing towards this project, you will connect the most important personage in human history, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, to your life and the lives of fellow Muslims.

Support us by making a donation or pre-ordering your copy via this website.



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and connect your life to the Beloved Prophet via rhyme and illustration!